How to set up the AskCody Bookings Add-in

The AskCody Bookings Add-in helps you search for all calendar resources across multiple locations and is fully integrated with Outlook.

Employees can search and sort by the purpose of a meeting (e.g. video conference or external), equipment, or services (e.g. a whiteboard or catering), or capacity.

The Askcody Booking module consists of 3 parts: 

  • AskCody Bookings Add-in is the user interface that integrates with Outlook where employees can search for and add resources. The add-in is connected to Exchange through the connected service account, so the add-in will always have updated information on which calendars are available.
  • Resources are the online overview of all your connected resource calendars. This is where you set up each calendar to match the relevant search criteria (purpose, equipment/services, and capacity) and configure the other AskCody Bookings Add-in features.
  • Resources Admin Center is where you create the purposes and equipment/service that should be available when setting up the calendars in the Resources overview.

The requirements for setting up the AskCody Bookings Add-in

Step 1: Create capabilities

Go to Admin Center Click on Resources at the top of the page and choose Equipment/Services → Click Add → Name the capability and click Add


Step 2: Create purposes

Go to Admin Center Click on Resources at the top of the page and choose Purposes → Click Add → Name the purpose and click Add

Step 3: Add resource calendars

Click on the main drop-menu in the top left corner  Go to Resources Click Add new resource → Connect the Exchange calendar and fill out the additional information related to this resource → Click Add.

Step 4: Install the AskCody Bookings Add-in

Go to Admin Center  Click on Add-ins for MS at the top of the page  Copy the Workplace Manifest URL to your clipboard (ctrl+c)  Install the add-in via Exchange Admin Center (click here to learn how) or via Powershell (click here to learn how).


For more information about Resource Scheduling and setting up the Bookings Add-in read the article Getting started with resource scheduling.