Overview of Reports in AskCody

In this article you will learn about the possibilities for reporting in AskCody

Reports are often used in the Service Department, Canteen, Facility or Hospitality Team to get an overview of today's or tomorrow’s Bookings, Service Requests and Deliveries. Reports can also be used as basis for invoicing, Cost Center management and Financial reporting, as all the information about the owner and the billing account for the ordered items is stated in the report. This can also include VAT, Client Matter Number, General Ledger, etc. Also AskCody's customizable reports provides the opportunity to include all Custom Properties. Reports can be printed, viewed on screen, and exported to CSV or Excel.

Services reports

  • Meeting and delivery time lists 
    • List of all requests for delivery for today and tomorrow. Read more here.
  • Incoming, Current, Pending, Accepted, Rejected, Readied, Completed and Cancelled Requests
    • Export lists of requests with status and all delivery information to Excel for easy management of data. Read more here.
  • Check-lists 
    • Print or view on-screen a complete check-list for daily deliveries. Read more here.
  • Production lists
    • Print or view on-screen all items that have been requested and that needs to be delivered either today or tomorrow. Read more here.
  • Meeting receipt
    • Meeting receipts for every single meeting with requests occurring depending on the filter applied. Read more here
  • Cost center reports (Department reports)
    • All requests and expenses for cost centers for a given period of time. Read more here.
  • Accounting reports
    • Expenses, Client Matter Number, Items, Custom Properties. Read more here.

Exchange resources, locations, licenses and item reports

  • Meeting and Locations lists
    • List of locations, licenses assigned to rooms, desks and Displays, and number of receptions and service providers. Read more here.
  • Items and Services lists 
    • List of all available Items and Services, price, category, SKU number lists. To get this report, Log into the AskCody Management Portal --> Click on "Home" and then "Services" --> Click on the menu "Items and Services" --> Click "Item and Services" in the sub-menu and click on the "Export" button.
  • Exchange Calendars/Room list
    • Export a full list of all your Exchange Resources in AskCody (Only available for AskCody Owners and Integration Administrators). To get this report, Log into the AskCody Management Portal --> Click on "Home" and then "Admin Center" --> Click "Microsoft Exchange Calendars" --> Click "Export" and choose which information to export.

Visitors reports

  • List of today's visitors, and historic visitors
    • Visitors for the day, on-site and off-site, check-in and check-out time. You can see a full report of historic visitors, and for specific days. Log into the AskCody Management Portal --> Click on "Home" and then "Visitors" --> Click "Export".

Custom reporting

Custom reporting refers to any Custom Property you have set up. You can set up tailored properties to be filled out by end-users in a check-out flow from the Services Add-in, and included in the reports you can get out of AskCody Management Portal. Read more about the power and flexibility of Custom Properties here.