How do I manage user integration?

Learn how to set up an automatic user synchronization between your organization's Active Directory and AskCody

An AskCody user is needed to get access to many parts of the system.

You can read more about AskCody users and user roles here 

There are three ways of managing your AskCody users: Active Directory Server Integration, Azure Active Directory Integration, and manual import. 

 Active Directory Server Integration

 Active Directory Server Integration is a service that runs on a Windows server on your network and is configured to have access to your Active Directory using the credentials of a service account. The Active Directory Server Integration will integrate users from specified AD security groups to your AskCody Management Portal every hour. 

When you use Active Directory Server Integration you are still able to make some manual changes to your users' roles. If you add roles to a user that is in the integration, the service will not overwrite the additions.

However, if you remove a role from a user in the integration and the service is configured to grant the user that specific role, the service will overwrite the change and grant the user the role again. 

To learn more about Active Directory Server Integration and how to set it up, please click here

Azure Active Directory Integration

Azure Active Directory Integration is completely cloud-based and does not require any installations or servers to run. The Azure Active Directory Integration will integrate users from your AD to your AskCody Management Portal every hour.

When you use Azure Active Directory Integration you not able to make manual changes to your users' roles. Any manual changes will be overwritten by the integration within an hour. 

To learn more about Azure Active Directory Integration and how to set it up, please click here 

Manual import

Creating users manually is done in the AskCody Management and should be done if you have very few users or setting up a POC or demo to test the AskCody modules. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you manage your users with either Active Directory Server Integration or Azure Active Directory Integration. 

To learn how to create users manually, please click here