Final Testing

Learn best practices to test the configured AskCody Modules

If you are implementing AskCody in a larger organization and for many users and employees, testing is key before deploying and putting the system in production to ensure that there are no errors in the system, or the system is configured and set up to cover the needs for your business.

Deploying the solution, it’s key that the system works as intended, supports the business processes in your organization, especially from your end-user’s perspective, otherwise, you can lose momentum in the implementation and your users can potentially be frustrated about the new system you’re implementing. It’s important that your users believe in the new system when going live. Therefore, we recommend that you test AskCody and how you configured the platform, before going live.

We recommend that you test early and often, especially after each step in phase 2 Set up and configure the AskCody Meeting Management Platform.

Deploying in a larger organization, it can be helpful to deploy to a small team or unit to get them testing “live” and get some feedback from employees, before rolling out to the rest of the organization. We recommend following a methodology of testing > getting feedback from test users > adapting or reconfiguring based on feedback > testing reconfiguration with the same user (user group) > deploying. This is to ensure that you get the right feedback from the right user groups before deploying to the rest of the organization.


Testing Scenarios: 

Bookings Add-in



Services Add-in

Visitors Add-in 



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