Test Visitor Management setup

Learn the best practices for verifying that the AskCody Visitor Management Module is working according to your organizational preferences

These test scenarios go through the visitor management setup you just configured to ensure that everything works. 
  • Book a meeting with a meeting room in Outlook/Office 365 using the AskCody Bookings add-in followed by registering visitors using the Visitors add-in and make sure to check the following in the add-in: 
    • Check if the receptions assigned to the different meeting rooms in your organization are correctly set up by checking in the add-in that the receptions available in the add-in match the meeting room selected
    • (If using the add-in in delegate access to register visitors on behalf of someone else in your organization) Check that the option to send host notifications to the person booking on behalf of someone else in the organization is available in the add-in when pre-registering visitors for a meeting. 


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