Test the AskCody Services setup

Learn about best practices to verify that the AskCody Services module is working according to your organizational preferences

These test scenarios go through the setup you just configured to ensure that everything works.
  • Book a meeting with a meeting room in Outlook/Office 365 using the AskCody Bookings add-in followed by ordering services for your meeting using the Services add-in and make sure to check the following in the add-in: 
    • Check that the providers assigned to each room are assigned correctly.
    • Check that the items, categories, and special conditions (such as preparation deadlines for items, and provider opening days) match your business rules.
    • Check that the item and service prices are set up correctly.
      • Check that your employees have access to the right cost centers.
      • Check that the meeting types set up match your business rules.
      • Check that any additional tax fields (information for accounting purposes) are set up correctly and available in the Services add-in. Check that the accounting information is set up correctly:

If you are using the add-in with delegate access to request catering or services on behalf of someone else in your organization, check if the roles necessary to perform this action. The role is named Add-in User with Delegate Access in the AskCody Portal. 


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