Cost centers are not being integrated to AskCody

Learn how to troubleshoot on this issue

If your organization manages the membership of cost centers via Active Directory, you may want to synchronize those cost centers to AskCody. The Azure AD Integration allows you to do this (click here to learn how).

In cases where these cost centers are not being integrated, please use this guide to troubleshoot.

There are two different scenarios in which we can troubleshoot for this case:

Your Azure AD Integration has not been set

If your Azure AD Integration has not yet been initialized, please read this guide, which contains information on how to set it up, and configure the automatic cost center integration with AskCody.

Your Azure AD Integration is already running

If your Azure AD Integration has already been initialized and is already running, please follow these steps:

1. Please make sure to follow the steps in this article to add the cost center information into the Azure AD Integration.


Please note that for any changes in the Azure AD Integration, the service needs to be paused from the top right corner:

Pause sync button in AskCody Azure AD Integration configuration portal

After performing the desired changes, please make sure to resume the integration again.

2. Go to the Troubleshooting section of the Azure AD Integration Portal and follow the instructions in this article to re-integrate the root group. This will ensure that the newly applied cost center attributes are integrated for all users in your organization.

3. Save the changes and resume the integration once again. This should integrate the cost centers defined in AD for your organization into AskCody and will make them available for deliveries placed from this moment onwards in AskCody Meeting Services.