Set up an integration with Active Directory Server

How to manage users with Active Directory Server; User management using AADFS (AskCody AD Forwarding Service) with Active Directory Server

This article will show you how to set up a user sync with AADFS (AskCody Active Directory Forwarding Service).


AADFS is a small Windows Service (installed on client's servers) that forwards object data from Active Directory to AskCody. This service is in installing and running on a Windows server on the client's network and from here accessing the Active Directory, before pushing or forwarding data to AskCody.

In the service configuration file, it is possible to set up the service to assign AskCody User Roles, Memberships to providers, and receptions in AskCody. This configuration is basically assigning a Group in AD to given User Roles, Memberships or Assignment in AskCody and here by managing user access rights in AskCody using AD.


Follow these steps to set up a sync with AADFS:

  1. Create a sync in the AskCody Manager (See video below)
  2. Install the AADFS tool
  3. Configure AADFS