Services preparation deadlines

Learn about the different levels of preparation deadlines in the AskCody Services Management Portal

Within AskCody Services we operate with different "levels" of preparation deadlines. This article will explain the difference and how they affect each other. 

The three levels of preparation deadlines:

  1. Service provider opening days
    These are the days when a Service provider has open and can deliver preordered catering and additional services to meetings. Commonly a Service provider cannot deliver food or services to any meetings on Saturday and Sunday because the office is closed. This means that the preparation deadline set on the specific service provider will respect the opening days.

    If a preparation deadline is set to 1 day before 12 pm. and the service provider opening days are from Monday-Friday you will not be able to order food or services from the provider after Friday at 12 pm. Read more about Opening days here.
  2. Service provider preparation deadline
    The preparation deadline is the general deadline for when you no longer can request food or services at the Service provider before the meeting start. The deadline is set per Service Provider. 

    If a preparation deadline is set to 1 day before 12 pm. and you have a meeting on Wednesday you need to request food or services at the provider before Tuesday at 12 pm. 

    Set up the preparation deadline: 

    1. Log in to the AskCody Management Portal.
    2. Open Admin Center from the menu in the upper left corner.
    3. Choose Services and then open Service Providers.
    4. Choose an existing provider or create a new one.
    5. Open Advanced configuration.
    6. Find the preparation deadline and change it to what fits your processes. 

    New service provider askcody

  3. Item preparation deadline
    The item preparation deadline is special deadlines for specific items. The deadline set per item can only be used if the deadline is longer than the Service provider deadline. The Item preparation deadline overrules the Service provider deadline but respects the Provider opening hours. 

    Let's say that the provider offers a food item called "Reception Buffet (min. 10 persons)". This item will naturally need more preparation time than e.g. 1 day before 12 pm. (preparation deadline). You might want to set an Item preparation deadline for 5 days, and if the provider has closed Saturday and Sunday during a week (weekend - Opening hours) the total days you need to request this specific item in advance, is 7 days. 
    Read more about the Item preparation deadline here