How to set up Provider opening days

Learn what Provider opening days are and how to set them up in the AskCody Meeting Services management portal

What are Provider opening days? 

Provider opening days are the days in which a provider is open and can deliver preordered catering and additional services to meetings.

In many cases, a delivery provider has some days during a week when they are closed, and has preparation deadlines for incoming orders. It is important that incoming orders are aligned with the opening days and the preparation deadline, such that no orders are wrongly placed or overseen.

It is now possible to set opening days for a provider such that all logic according to preparation deadlines and deadline per item is kept.

Example: A provider has closed Saturdays and Sundays, and have a general preparation deadline set for 1 Day, at 1:00 PM. You want to order catering to a meeting you have on Monday, according to the preparation deadline and opening days, you have to order no later than Friday at 1:00 PM.


AskCody Services Add-in showing Providers and provider deadline for requesting services


How to set provider opening days?

  1. Log in to the AskCody Management Portal
  2. Go to Admin Center from the left panel
  3. Navigate to Services and choose Service Providers from the dropdown menu
  4. Choose the provider you want to set the opening days on.
  5. Click Advanced Settings
  6. Find Opening days and choose the days the provider is open.
Opening days in the AskCody Services Module in the AskCody Management Portal



Can I order catering and additional services on days the provider is closed? 
- Yes, as long as you comply with the preparation time. 

Can I see the opening days and the preparation deadline when ordering catering and additional services in the Meeting+ Add-in? 
- Yes, in the Meeting+ Add-in under the provider it will show both opening days and preparation deadline if the provider has any.