How to handle Hybrid Exchange Setups

Migrating from Exchange Server to Exchange Online often results in hybrid scenarios ex. Migrating meeting rooms before users.

AskCody handles these scenarios by supporting multiple connections and detecting the user Exchange location using information from Active Directory.

In a hybrid Exchange setup, Exchange maintains an attribute in Active Directory that indicates whether a user’s mailbox has been migrated. This attribute is called msExchRecipientTypeDetails

AskCody AADFS syncs this attribute to locate if a user is migrated or not and by this determine which connection to use.


  • Connect service accounts for both On-prem and Exchange Online
  • Install AADFS
  • Insert identification code for Exchange On-prem connection to default and remote for Exchange Online connection
  • Contact AskCody to enable multi-connection setup

How it works 

AskCody Active Directory Forwarding Service supports sending attribute information (msExchRecipientTypeDetails) to AskCody and based on this marking if the user is migrated or not. The connection attribute on the synced user will be set to remote if the user is migrated, otherwise, it will be set to default. These codes correspond to the Identification codes set on connections in AskCody Admin Center and will then cause the correct connection to be used.

Example: Migrating from exchange 2013 on-prem to Exchange Online will require setting the Identification code default on the 2013 on-prem service account connection and the remote identification code on the Exchange Online connection.