Integration with Microsoft Exchange

Understand the basics of the integration of AskCody with Microsoft Exchange

AskCody + Exchange

AskCody + Microsoft Exchange

AskCody is an intelligence layer on top of the Microsoft infrastructure and backbone integrating natively with Microsoft using Microsoft Exchange Webservices Managed API and integrates with and shares data using Microsoft EWS. Microsoft EWS is built-in and a native part of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Exchange Online that is used to share data with third parties like AskCody. Microsoft EWS, therefore, must be enabled and available for AskCody to access directly.

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Integrating the AskCody Meeting Management Platform with your Microsoft Exchange Server or Exchange Online tenant (Office 365) is an important and key step in setting up AskCody. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you spent some time understanding Microsoft Exchange, and how AskCody integrates with Exchange. This will help you understand the requirements when the integration between Exchange and AskCody will be established.

These articles highlight the overall concept of integrating AskCody with Microsoft Exchange.

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