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What is Meeting List?

Learn the basics about Meeting List

*The video contains older naming and illustrations of the AskCody Platform.

Meeting List makes it possible to have a live overview of the activities inside the organization through a single tool.

It provides meeting owners and office managers with real-time data, enabling better data-driven decision-making on the fly.

Meeting List allows you to:

  • See every meeting room and additional bookable* resources integrated with AskCody, along with all the relevant information you need.
    *The resources set with the type "Desks" / "Equipment" are not included. 
  • Gain a complete and user-friendly overview of the activities in the different locations of your organization. 
  • Understand how bookable resources are being utilized in your organization. 
  • Optimize your resources according to their usage by empowering you with actionable insights.


To learn how to set up Meeting List here