Using domain lookup for handling multiple service accounts

Learn how to manage different sub-domains under your organization in AskCody

Some organizations can have several sub-brands and departments running on different Exchange servers.

In the case that the "mother" company wants to use AskCody across the entire organization it is necessary to connect to all Exchange servers. 

AskCody supports this out of the box and connecting service multiple service accounts on the same setup is easy, however, some AskCody Modules requires a specific lookup. One example is creating a catering order in meeting+ for a specific meeting room. AskCody, in this case, needs to make sure that the user has access to order for that specific room and check what service account that is used for the connection. This is also relevant in hybrid scenarios where users and Meeting resources might be both in the cloud and on-prem, learn more about how AskCody handle hybrid scenarios here

The scenario where there is no hybrid scenario but instead 10 different departments with an exchange server each, we recommend using the domain lookup feature to detect which service account belongs to the users. The service accounts connected can be linked to a domain in the menu Admin Center -> General Settings -> Domains. By doing this the users on the specific domains can be detected as belonging to the matching service account and when using AskCody services this will just happen behind the scenes without affecting the user experience.