Support after go-live

After getting started with AskCody, you must know what to do in case you or someone in your organization requires assistance using the different features in the AskCody platform

There are two levels of escalation when experiencing any issue using AskCody:  

  • Internal support by your Help Desk, Service Desk, or IT team
  • AskCody support

Internal support

The internal support is composed of your organization's team in charge of the service desk and internal support. This team must be trained to support your organization in all kinds of issues related to AskCody and will, therefore, need a comprehensive understanding of the different settings and configurations necessary for the AskCody products to function properly.  

In addition to training, your organization's service desk and internal support team can always find information regarding configuration, usage instructions, and troubleshooting in AskCody's Help Center.

It is also highly recommended that the team members subscribe to updates on AskCody's Status Page, as it is the main communication channel for all issues affecting the operational status of AskCody. The AskCody Status Page can be found here.

You can read more about subscribing to the Status Page here: Link 

Support by AskCody 

In case the issue encountered by the user(s) cannot be solved via internal first-line support, then a member from your Service Desk and internal support team can get in touch with AskCody support and escalate the issue, and the way to contact AskCody Support is by e-mail:, or to contact support from our Help Center and include the following information about the issue: 

  • Description of the issue: describe the issue, how it is presented, and the place where users are encountering it (Example: When opening the AskCody Services add-in in Outlook for the web, it displays an error called "ErrorMailboxNotFound"). 
  • Scope of the issue: include information about whether the issue is affecting a single user, a department, or your entire organization.
  • Visual material: when possible, include visual material to provide AskCody with a better understanding of the issue. Often there are error codes and incident IDs displayed when users encounter errors. Including screenshots about these error codes and incident, IDs is essential in having the issue solved, as it is the first element that AskCody support will look after. 
  • Time: If the time is not displayed in the visual material provided, you must inform AskCody support about the issue's time of occurrence such that it can be potentially correlated with events logged internally. 

Including the information listed above in your message to AskCody support allows our support representatives to be as agile as possible when identifying the issue and provides them with all the information necessary in case the issue needs to be escalated internally to a senior product specialist, or the engineering team. 

By providing AskCody support with the information described above, you can expect a first-reply time of a maximum of 24 hours. The resolution time of the issues may vary, and it will highly depend on the complexity of the support case at hand. 

Although AskCody Meeting Management is easy to get up and running, proper planning and preparation are essential for a successful implementation. Start by securing executive sponsorship so you have support when building your project team and communicating with the end-users. Set up and configure the platform and its applications so it works for your company’s unique needs. And continually revisit and optimize the configurations, refine your processes, and always keep your end-users and overall vision in mind.

To support you in this process before, during, and after your implementation, AskCody makes a number of resources available. For additional resources, check out the AskCody Help Center.