How to set up AskCody Displays on Philips 10BDL3051T

Learn how to display the AskCody Displays on a Philips 10BDL3051T signage device

Philips has discontinued this model 10BDL3051T as they have released a newer hardware model. This guide is still useful if you have this Philips device. 

We do support the latest model from Philips called 10BDL4551T. Please refer to this article for further information on setting up the latest model with the AskCody signage App.

IMPORTANT: If you are still using this Philips model and you have not updated the AskCody Signage App since June 2022, you must upgrade the AskCody Signage app on your device, just follow the steps below. Also, you must upgrade the device to the latest Philips firmware update, to ensure compatibility with the AskCody Signage App. Find Philips' documentation for updating their devices here, using a FAT formatted USB.

Displays will run in the AskCody Android App for Philips which is attached at the bottom of this article as a .apk file. 

  1. Turn on the Philips screen 
  2. Press the round button located on the back upper right corner of the screen and then quickly press the bottom part of the elongated button located right under the abovementioned round button 
  3. Type the password (default password is 1234) and press "OK" 
  4. Insert a USB with the .apk file stored (download the .apk file from the bottom of the guide)
  5. Press Apps and then File Manager
  6. Open the folder named mnt
  7. Open the folder named usb_storage
  8. Open the folder named USB_DISK1
  9. Press the file icon and press install.
  10. In the Apps menu press the AskCody App
  11. Choose either EU (World) or US depending on your location
  12. Type in the License Key of the Display you want to show (License key: EU/World, click here. The US, click here)
  13. Click confirm