How to import visitors, expected groups, and hosts (Video)

This article explains how to import hosts or an expected visitor group into the AskCody Visitor Management Portal, and where to download the import CSV file.


How to import groups in the Visitor Management Portal

Follow these steps to import hosts or visitors

If you wish to synchronize hosts by integrating with your Active Directory, please click here

  1. Download the  CSV file template. Click on the link to download.

    To make sure to import the right format we recommend you use this file template because it will eliminate errors when importing.

    It is the same .csv file you need to import visitors, groups, or hosts.

  2. Enter the information of your hosts or visitors in the downloaded Excel file.

    The template consists of 7 columns:

    • Name (required)
    • Email (required for hosts)
    • Company
    • Mobile (Country code + mobile number e.g. +45 12345678)
    • Custom
    • Language 
    • Differentiator
      If you have any hosts with the same First and Last name (name duplicates) we recommend you add a differentiator in the file as well. Thereby the receptionists and expected visitors can see the difference between eg. the two John Smiths. Read more here.

    Overall, we recommend adding as much information about the visitors as possible. We recommend inserting both first and last name in the name column, though, either one alone will suffice. We also recommend always to attach an email to the person, to avoid duplicates, and ensure that the person receives notifications from Visitors.

    Only the name column is required for visitors, whereas both the name and the email column are required for hosts*. The other 5 columns are optional but recommended. Any additional column that the once provided in the template, will be ignored, as they would not correspond with our system.



The template contains all of the fields described above. If you are editing the template in Microsoft Excel it might not allow you to add the "+" symbol to the mobile column unless you change it to text fields. To do this select all of the fields with mobile numbers and select Text in the Number format option. 

CSV Template for importing visitors, groups and hosts in the Visitor Management portal

3.    Save the file as a CSV UTF-8 file.

4.    Navigate to the AskCody Portal, and open the Visitor Management Portal (Visitors)

5.    Choose the menu Visitors or Hosts according to your wish of import.

6.    Click on Import Expected Group or Import Hosts, and choose your file.