How to manage the Today+ license key on Philips 10BDL4151T/00

This article provides you with a guide for how to change or remove the Today+ URL or license key on your Philips screen.

Let us say that you now show a Today+ with one URL or License Key but you want to show another Today+ with another URL or License Key, then do the following guide. Or you want to remove the Today+ from the screen, follow this guide. 

Because the AskCody App shows the Today+ auto-launch every 15 sec. the following steps have to be done within that time span.

  1. Turn off the power on the Philips screen (remove power cable)
  2. Turn on the power on the Philips screen (re-insert the power cable)
  3. Press the round button located on the back upper right corner of the screen and then quickly press the 'volume down' button located right under the abovementioned round button 
  4. Type the password (default password is 1234) and press "OK".
  5. Press "Apps" and then "Settings".
  6. Press "Apps" and press the AskCody App.
  7. Press uninstall.

You have now uninstalled the AskCody App and the Today+ will no longer show on the screen. If you want to change the Today+ URL or License Key, you have to reinstall the AskCody App, as the following article will show you.

Follow this guide to reinstall the AskCody App