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Getting started with AskCody Meeting Services for Outlook

Deploying the Meeting+ Add-in for Meeting Services for Outlook and Office 365

Please follow these steps to install the AskCody Meeting+ Add-in.


We recommend that you open two tabs in your browser since you need to be logged into both the AskCody Management Portal and the Exchange Admin Center (Office 365 Admin Center).

  1. Log in to the AskCody Management Portal with the credentials created when creating your organizational account on the signup page. Choose EU or US. 
  2. Click the menu tab in the upper left corner.
  3. Go to the Admin Center.
  4. Go to Add-ins.
  5. Now, press copy on the Meeting+ Manifest URL. You need this URL to install the Add-in in the Exchange Admin Center.
  6. Open a new tab in your browser and log in to your Exchange Admin Center with your Microsoft admin credentials.
  7. Click Settings on the left side menu and choose Add-ins.
  8. Click Deploy Add-in and click Next. The Centralized Deployment service builds into Microsoft Exchange and Outlook lets you deploy ‎the add-ins to users of ‎Outlook across your organization.
Deploy the AskCody Modern Add-ins in Microsoft Exchange
  1. Select Deploy custom Add-in and by pressing Upload custom apps.
  2. Click I have a URL for the manifest file and insert the URL.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Now, configure who should have access to the Add-in. If you want to deploy it to all employees in your organization (and in your domain). You can also select specific user groups.
  5. Deployment method gives you the ability to select either Fixed, Available or Optional. We recommend you select Fixed. This will ensure that the Add-in will be automatically deployed to the assigned users and they will not be able to remove it from their ribbon.
Settings for the AskCody Modern Add-ins in Microsoft Exchange

After you choose 'Deploy', the add-in will be available on assigned users' Outlook and Office 365 the next time they open their Outlook App or logs into Office 365. Some users may need to close down the Outlook App and open it again before the Add-in is available.

Meeting+ is now available in Outlook and Office 365.

Using the Office 365 and Outlook add-in to order Meeting Services and make Service Requests

Opening your Outlook or Office 365 Calendar now allow you to order a meeting service with AskCody when scheduling and booking meetings. To use the Meeting+ Add-in, please follow these steps.

  1. Open Outlook or Office 365.
  2. Go to the Calendar and to through the steps of booking a meeting and a meeting room, as described in Getting started with resource scheduling with AskCody.
  3. Order meeting service:
    Outlook: Find the AskCody Meeting+ Add-in by pressing Order Items in the menu at the top of the Outlook window (ribbon).

    AskCody Meeting Services Add-in in Microsoft Outlook
  4. Office 365: Find the AskCody Meeting+ Add-in by pressing ··· followed by selecting Meeting+.

    AskCody Meeting Services Add-in on Outlook for the Web
  5. Select the room you want your services to be delivered to. If only one room is added to the meeting, the room is preselected. If multiple rooms are selected, now select the room.
  6. Select the service provider. If only one provider is available, the provider is pre-selected.
  7. Now, add the services you need by selecting the categories and items and adding the items to your chart or item list. You can change the quantity by clicking add item or edit the quantity in the item list.
  8. Delivery options consist of delivery time, method, and comments. Delivery time can either be the start of the meeting, specific time, or the end of the meeting. For delivery method on location or pick-up can be selected.
  9. Tax information depends on the configuration of the service provider as set up in an earlier step. If now tax information is configured, nothing can be selected. In the example shown below, Cost center, Meeting type, and Client Matter Number are required for financial purposes.
    Meeting Services Add-in for Outlook
  10. To finish, select place order. You will now receive a confirmation email regarding your service request or service order.

If you need to add multiple deliveries of services or goods for the same meeting (ordering both catering and office services), click add new delivery to order and go through the same process, selecting the provider, categories, and items needed, before placing the final order.

To edit or cancel a service request or order for meeting services, open the meeting in your Outlook Calendar and open the Meeting+ Add-in.


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