Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Manage every meeting without leaving Outlook or Microsoft 365. That’s the true power of AskCody

AskCody + Outlook

AskCody + Microsoft Outlook integration

From meeting rooms to workstations, the right room equipment and amenities to a specific table arrangement, food and refreshments for you meeting to pre-registration you guests to the reception – AskCody can handle all meeting related tasks for you right inside Microsoft Outlooks familiar interface. As the Category Leading provider of Meeting Management and Resource, AskCody makes managing meetings smarter, simpler, and more efficient for the entire organization.

With AskCody for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 you can:

  • Schedule a meeting in Outlook and invite any guests
  • Find the right room with the right equipment and amenities
  • Request and manage meeting services, hospitality, or room features
  • Manage guests and visitors for you meeting

Benefits of AskCody for Outlook:

  • The AskCody Add-in lives in the toolbar of Outlook and Microsoft 365, so it's easy find and access without switching tools.
  • Add all the information you need to invite a guest—there’s no need to switch tools or complete additional steps to later.
  • Invite everyone on an email thread in one go, or just certain people.

How it works:

  • Start by installing the AskCody Add-ins for Outlook or have it deployed through Microsoft Centralized Deployment
  • Create a new meeting in Outlook
  • Choose which people in the meeting you want to invite.
  • Click on the new AskCody icon in your taskbar (The Ribbon in Outlook), selecting the Add-in you need (find room, request services, pre-register guests)
  • Click “Create invite” to make it official. You’re good to go!


AskCody for Outlook works with all versions of Outlook that allow modern add-ins for Office: Microsoft 365, Outlook Web App, and Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019 for Windows and Mac.