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Build a project timeline with defined milestones

Learn about best practices when setting up a project timeline for the AskCody implementation

Once you’ve prioritized all the requirements, you can build the project timeline. Every timeline needs to include the time required to set up, configure, and deploy.

Prioritization of requirements is also key to ensure any 'must-haves' are included in the first rollout, so you ensure some quick wins.

If you use an iterative approach, your timeline will consist of short iterations of the design, build, and deployment phases for a smaller set of requirements. With the waterfall approach, the design and build phase includes all requirements prioritized for the initial deployment. For both approaches, consider what tasks can be done in parallel, such as the configuration of different modules, or adding data.

For both approaches, consider each requirement and estimate the effort required to implement it. For example, determine whether you can meet the requirement with out-of-the-box functionality or business processes (low effort) or whether custom configuration or integration is required (high effort). Use that information to determine how long it will take to implement each requirement.

Note that your timeline may be driven by additional factors, such as when your current system may become unavailable or a new fiscal year, or when the right people are available to the project organization. Such considerations are a big reason why it’s important to understand your goals, objectives, and must-have requirements.

If in doubt, the AskCody Customer Success Team can help you review your project timeline or help you drive the implementation process as a project manager.

A template for a project and implementation plan can be downloaded for Monday.com. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for access to this template.


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