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AskCody Mobile App - Manage meetings and bookings on the fly

The AskCody App is the newest member of our Room Booking module, which provides you with a complete and simple overview of your workday. Learn how to use the Mobile App in this Webinar.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

1:03:25 min.


Get a simple overview of your workday

The AskCody Mobile App gives you a full overview of your workday with information on upcoming meetings and events to easily stay informed.

Use the intelligent search and filtering to find the best suitable room or desk

The AskCody Mobile App helps you find the best suitable meeting rooms/workstations across your entire workplace based on amenities, equipment, purpose, and services available ensuring the most optimal use of space.

Quickly find a place to work when on the go

With the AskCody Mobile App, there’s no need to search the office for what’s available; a complete overview of free rooms or workstations is one click away.

Requirements and setup of the AskCody Mobile App

Learn the technical requirements and how to set the mobile app for your workplace.