What is the AskCody Mobile App?

Put AskCody in your pocket and schedule your meetings and workday on the fly. The AskCody Mobile App for iOS is the new member of our Room Booking and Meeting Room Management suite.


The AskCody App is bringing simplicity to your workday 

In today’s fast-paced work environment, all of your favorite tools get much better when you can take them with you and access them with ease on the fly. The AskCody App puts your workplace in your pocket offering the easiest and smartest way to find available space.  

The app gives you a complete and simple overview of your whole workday and notifies if you have pending meeting invitations as well as informing you if no rooms have been added to your meeting - ensuring that you and your co-workers always have a place to meet and collaborate.

With the AskCody App, you get to:

  • See your agenda for the day and info on upcoming meetings. You’ll have a full overview of your workday.
  • Search for available meeting rooms/workstations across your entire workplace.
  • Filter your search based on amenities, equipment, purpose, and services available.
  • Book and edit meetings or add meeting rooms to bookings with no room.
  • Plan with ease by seeing attendee availability before inviting them to the meeting.
  • Personalized location selection – decide which area is the most important to you and in which order.
  • Book workstation independently from the availability status in Outlook.
  • Notification on pending meeting invitations and missing meeting rooms.

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Creating meeting invitations and scheduling rooms from your standard Outlook or Office 365 takes a lot of valuable time. Especially when you’re busy and on the fly, and you just need an overview or room booking fast. 

With a couple of taps, instantly secure a room or workplace now or schedule it for later, so you can get back to what matters. Book the right room or workstation for your next meeting without having to open your laptop or calling your PA or booking coordinator to get it done.

When you need to book a meeting, insert the subject, invite the attendees, and let AskCody suggest an available room with the right capacity before you even specify your search.

Do you need to have specific equipment within the room? Edit the search criteria and find the room you need. Everything is built into one simple flow; you won’t feel like booking a room is a work at all.

Plan now, add the room later

You just had a talk with your colleague at the coffee machine and agreed to continue that topic in a meeting on Thursday next week around 9 am? Done – the meeting invitation was sent! But oh – you didn’t add a room to the meeting and haven’t decided if you should invite Lora on a Teams Call to join you. You decide to add the room later. But fear not – you won’t forget about it. The AskCody App will remind you to add a room to your meetings, so you never end up in the middle of the hallway without a place to meet or collaborate.

We know, that sometimes the need for a meeting room happens as quickly as a light bulb flicker on. For spontaneous collaboration, the need for a room with a whiteboard for quick sharing ideas, some last-minute focus time before a presentation, or an important call with a client, the AskCody App will help find the space you need in seconds.

Learn how to set up and install the AskCody App and what is required for using the App, or how to use the app with videos.