Will changing resource information affect old Insights data?

Learn about the effects of changing the information in a resource in Insights

Yes, if you change the information on the data points collected on a resource in the AskCody Portal, like; Purpose, capacity, service/equipment, etc. it will change the data back in time. 

E.g. If you have a meeting room with 6 seatings the capacity will most likely be 6. Insights have been collecting data on this meeting room for the last year, and the utilization of the meeting room has been at 100% (meaning, that the meeting room has been occupied with 6 persons, in all of the opening hours, within a year). 

Now you put in 4 more seating in the meeting room and change the capacity to 10. This change of information on a collected data point will change the data back in time. So when you now look at the utilization of that meeting room in Insights, it will only be 60%, because the meeting room during the last year has been occupied by 6 persons, but now in a 10 seating meeting room.