Why can't I book/extend/cancel/end my meeting from Today+?

Learn the possible causes for missing options in your AskCody Room Displays (Today+) such as booking, extending, canceling and ending meetings.

There are primarily three reasons why you are not able to interact with your meeting from the meeting room's Today+ screen: 

1. The option is not enabled

If the button is not visible on the Today+ screen, please make sure that the option is enabled on the Today+ configuration that is used (e.g. if the End button is missing, make sure that the Ending option is enabled)

You can find your Today+ configurations here

2.  Application Impersonation is not enabled

For the different Today+ options to work your connection between AskCody and Exchange need to have Application Impersonation enabled (to learn more about ApplicationImpersonation, click here

You can see if Application Impersonation is enabled for your connection here 

3. The device displaying Today+ is unresponsive 

If the buttons are unresponsive or if the screen is slow to respond to the touch inputs, please make sure to check the condition of the device displaying the Today+.