Whitelisting AskCody Services

To fully ensure that the AskCody services is running and can be accessed, here is the relevant information for domain whitelisting if this is a required security measure.

This article will always reflect the current domains, regional domains and subdomains needed for whitelisting. 

Whitelisting region domains and subdomains (if required)


Global domains

  • *.askcody.com

Domains EU:

  • *.onaskcody.com

Domains US:

  • *.goaskcody.com

Subdomains EU:

  • app.onaskcody.com
  • portal.onaskcody.com
  • web.onaskcody.com
  • www.onaskcody.com

IP Whitelisting option

March 26th, 2021

From July 1st, 2021, AskCody will no longer support IP Whitelisting. AskCody runs on Azure Cloud infrastructure and to deliver the best possible service and fully utilize the benefits of Azure, IP Whitelisting is no longer a durable solution. 

Domain Whitelisting is already widely used and secure in combination with a trusted TLS 1.2 Certificate or newer, issued by a trusted provider (Azure). AskCody supports only TLS 1.2+ for encryption of data in transit.

If  Whitelisting of IP’s for onaskcody.com and goaskcody.com  has already been set up, we recommend switching to Domain Whitelisting before July 1st to ensure availability of service. 


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