What is "follow the meeting logic"?

In a lot of our communication, we use the term "follow the meeting logic", this is a description of what it is.

AskCody is known for our seamless integration with Microsoft, and our platform is built on Microsoft Azure, which allows us to provide the "follow the meeting logic".

Every time you change the time or date or otherwise make adjustments to your meeting in Outlook, every addition you have made for your meeting with AskCody follows along without you having to do anything. 

So when you have requested catering and IT equipment via the AskCody Services Add-in for a meeting and added attendees to the reception in the Visitors Add-in, the AskCody Platform makes sure to move everything seamlessly so it follows your meeting in Outlook. No need for you to go find and update third-party software. Everything* you change with AskCody will update across the entire platform and Outlook without you doing anything, simply because AskCody is built for Outlook and on a Microsoft foundation.

This is what we call "follow the meeting logic".


*Some early access products and features might not have all the logic implemented from the release date but will always be implemented over time.