What is AskCody Insights? (Watch Video)

Learn the basics of Insights, and the benefits it can bring to your organization

Insights is a workplace analytics tool to ease facilities management’s work and optimize resources and utilization of meeting space using real-time data.

With the AskCody Insights, you get a full overview of how meeting rooms are being used across your entire workplace. You will see your office and meeting rooms in full context and easily learn about room utilization, thereby enabling you to make the most out of your workspace.

Furthermore, Insights gives you quantifiable data that shows how facilities, equipment, and employees are engaging in meeting rooms. You will experience how your office space is being used based on real booking and consumption data from Microsoft Exchange.

You get the insights, analytics, and trends displayed in a beautiful dashboard build on Microsoft’s powerful PowerBI Platform, where you can pull the metrics you need to make informed decisions about your meeting room space, conference rooms, workstations, or other resources, across multiple locations. 

Become data-driven and enhance room utilization now

Facilities Managers can control or regulate meeting room booking behavior, optimize resources and capacity, and improve room utilization using Insights.

Insights lets you understand what your employees are looking for and arms you with data to understand how your office space and meeting rooms are actually used. This allows, helps, and empowers Facilities Management to become data-driven and enables them to make decisions based on data.  

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365

Like the rest of the AskCody Resource Scheduling and Meeting Management platform, Insights uses and leverages the data from your Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365 backbone.

Every time your employees book a room or engage with your workplace, it generates data. We surface that data for you in graphs, charts, KPI’s and numbers, plus recommendations for improvements tailored specifically to your company’s unique meeting behaviors.

With AskCody being entirely cloud-based, you get the answers to your questions about people, places, and events without the need for any on-prem installation. With our Cloud Platform, we can tell you how your office space is performing by the blink of an eye. You can access your meeting room data from anywhere, and your data is safe with AskCody.

Who can use Insights?

AskCody Insights is a part of the Essentials and Advanced pricing plans, which means that all customers with-in those plans already have Insights enabled on all their calendars. If you experience that Insights is not enabled on your calendars, simply navigate to your calendars in the AskCody Management Portal and enable Insights. Read the article How to set up Insights if you want to know how to set it up.

Customers on Premium Service will have the unique possibility to extract data 3 years back in time with the Microsoft Blob Storage, that AskCody grants you access to through a shared access signature.

Only users with the AskCody roles Owner or Insights Administrator has access to the Insights. See the whole user role hierarchy here.