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Visitor Management - Registering Employees for Health and Safety

This webinar explains how the AskCody Visitor Management module can be configured in alternative ways to adapt to the changing office situations, like the current Covid-19 situation.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

35:57 min.


Introduction to the AskCody Visitor Management Module


A brief introduction to the Visitor Management components.

  • Visitor Management Add-in
  • Visitor Management Portal
  • Check-in Kiosk

Registering employees for health and safety


Know who has been in the office in cases of disease outbreaks to ensure the best possible safety for employees. 

Better communicating with visitors before and at arrival​


Learn how to better use the check-in display to provide relevant information to visitors​ on-site, and how to use email messages intelligent to communicate with pre-registered visitors​.



A few questions from the viewers of the live webinar.