Training end-users

Learn the best practices for training end-users in your organization in using the AskCody Meeting Management Platform

If you have a sandbox environment, you can train end-users around the same time you load your data.

Use a subset of data—or data developed specifically for training—and plan training with hands-on exercises as close as possible to the go-live date. The sooner users can begin to use the application, the better; that way they can get immediate help in response to any questions.

Once users are trained and using the AskCody Meeting Management Platform, make sure they understand the support process. Define a contact person for answering questions. And don’t forget about the power users. What if they can’t see their data? Schedule regular support sessions for the first week or two; that’s when you’ll get the most questions. Also, post links to training, job aids, quick reference guides, and where to get help—for example, on your home page.


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