Terms and Conditions - FAQ


 In Denmark, we have a saying which basically translates to “Beloved child knows many names” and the same goes for the Terms & Conditions of AskCody. You may refer to our T&C as Service Level Agreement, Master Agreement etc. For clarifications sake, going forward, we will refer to it as our Terms & Conditions, which will also include agreement of service.

Why have we made changes to the Terms & Conditions?

AskCody has now existed for over 10 years (Yay!) which means we have updated our product and T&C a few times now. The time had come to remove legacy wording and clear up the format and order of sections to align with what our product is now.

How do I accept AskCody Terms & Conditions?

Accepting the new terms and conditions will happen through 3 different channels.

AskCody Platform: On your main account in your AskCody Admin portal, a pop-up will appear, alerting you of the new Terms and Conditions – this is the first acceptance.

Additionally, acceptance will happen when you pay your subscription via your next invoice. The acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions will be stated here.

Finally, by renewing your subscription with AskCody, you are automatically also transferring to the updated Terms & Conditions.

What are the main changes?

There are 3 main changes to the T&C

Transparency in compensation model:

In cases of downtime, the following describes the model for requesting compensation (different from severe downtime that relates to material breach of contract, see Section 10 – Warranties)

“Updated how and when you as a customer is entitled to compensation. The service credit calculation shall apply as from the first complete month of the Subscription. Credit notes provided under this Agreement are the Purchaser’s sole remedy in respect of any claims that the Purchaser may have in respect of downtime or non-availability of the Platform. Any credit notes granted under this Agreement are non- transferrable, have no monetary value and may only be used as credits against future AskCody invoices. To request a credit note, Purchaser must contact AskCody Finance department, within 10 working days of the end of the month in question. If no application is made within 10 working days, then any entitlement to credit notes is waived. To receive credit notes, you must submit a claim by emailing finance@askcody.com with “SLA credit note Request” in the subject line.”

Confidentiality clause:

We have included a confidentiality clause to protect you as a customer, and us as a company.

Re-organization of clauses:

The order of the clauses has been rearranged to give a better streamlining


When will the updated T&C take effect?

April 15th 2022.

How will this affect my subscription?

This will not affect your use and access to the AskCody Platform, and everything is operating as usual. The only thing we have changed are wording, and the model we use for compensation in cases of downtime, summarised above.

Do I need to do anything to keep my AskCody account under the new terms?

Your account with AskCody will operate under the updated terms as long as you accept the terms as stated above.

What does this mean for my privacy or data?

We haven’t made any changes to the way we treat your information. You can read about our privacy practices by reviewing our Information Security Policy and ISAE 3000 Audit report.



What is our Service Level Agreement?

This is part of your Terms & Conditions with AskCody, and describes the service level that AskCody is obligated to uphold to you as a customer.

My legal department would like to make some changes to the new terms. Is that ok?

AskCody should be seen as a ‘one-size fits all’ type of product We do our best to stick to consistent terms. This focus allows us to build the best possible products at competitive prices. Maintaining standard terms with all AskCody customers also allows us to focus resources on meeting our obligations to our customers.  Do keep in mind that the updated terms have been carefully authored to be fair to both you and us, to avoid the need for negotiation. However, we are of course always open for dialogue, and will do our very best to accommodate any needs or concerns your business may have.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Renewal date and Terms can always be found in the AskCody Management Portal inside the License Overview and will reflect the date for renewal, based on the date for signing up, activating the AskCody Platform.

The Subscription period is 12 whole months plus that portion of the initial month where the Platform is first made available to the Purchaser. The Subscription period is automatically renewed for 12 months, when a Subscription period ends.

The Agreement can be terminated by either Party in writing, with a notice of at least 3 months, which therefore makes the latest day of termination, the last day of the 9th month of the Subscription period. Cancellation must be done to your Account Manager, and you must request confirmation of your cancellation, which will trigger a farewell flow from AskCody.