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Organize your team

Learn about the stakeholders roles in the implementation of AskCody in your organization

The size and scope of your rollout will determine how many resources you need. However, all project teams should include the following participants:
  • An executive sponsor
    The project’s executive champion should participate and support the initiative from the beginning, through go-live and beyond.
  • One or more system administrators (AskCody System Owner)
    This person should be involved throughout the implementation and afterward. It’s important that the administrator understands the business processes and requirements from managers and users.
  • The Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 Administrator/Global Admin
    This/these person(s) is responsible for your Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 platform and has the rights and permissions to connect AskCody with Exchange. This person should be involved throughout the implementation and afterward. It’s important that the administrator understands the requirements and dependencies for the AskCody and Exchange connection.

One or more persons where following permission is required:

    • Microsoft Exchange Admin
    • Global Admin

  • A project manager
    This person leads the implementation and makes sure the project tasks and overall timeline are on track.

  • One or more power users
    These users help make sure your project will meet the needs of the end-users and the needs of the business, including management. We also recommend that you use power users as first-line support together with your service desk, since these power users often are experts. To fill that role, consider training these users first and then providing more in-depth training. These might be Office Managers, Facilities Managers, Service Managers, Canteen/Kitchen Managers, Finance, or others with key roles in your organization who are going to use the system as power users. 

  • One or more trainers
    Trainers need to identify relevant materials from help.onaskcody.com or develop custom training materials (such as quick-reference guides). You’ll need materials both for the initial implementation to onboard new users and once the application is live, for remediation or for new functionality.

  • Service desk / internal support
    This team is your internal support team, Service Desk or Help desk, which takes care of all internal support tickets and first-line issues with IT, before escalating to AskCody Support. This team must be trained to take care of all AskCody related issues.

If you at any point need to invite all or some of your team members to join you in the AskCody Portal, before you learn how to invite them (Step 5: User Management), then just jump to Step 5 here


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