Meeting Services (Meeting+) API

Description of the AskCody API for integrating ERP systems with the Meeting Services (Meeting+) module

The AskCody Meeting+ API is accessed using the base URL

All data is in JSON format using the application/json Media Type.

In order to access the API, you need to specify an API key and an API version using HTTP headers:

Header Example Value
X-AskCody-API-Key qRniOJFwlcWC-_16pdSFVtH-I5BgPTvhLBxkoREWNOHRaQbILNIrX_MyvquSZo5V
X-AskCody-API-Version 1

Available endpoints

The Meeting+ API currently has three endpoints:

Name Description Method Path Parameters
Unsettled Deliveries Returns a list of unsettled deliveries. GET /deliveries/unsettled

startTime: Only return deliveries delivered after this time. Optional.

endTime: Only return deliveries delivered before this time. Optional.

Delivery Returns the delivery with the given ID. GET /deliveries/<id> None
Settle Delivery Settles the delivery with the given ID. POST /deliveries/<id>/settle externalId: External ID to associate with the delivery. Optional.

Parameter formats

All "id" parameters are integers / whole numbers. 

The parameters "startTime" and "endTime" are DateTime formats and should follow the ISO8601 standard. The following formats are valid:


Caution: Sending a GET request requires the data to be URL encoded, because characters like "+" are not supported, and will be filtered away - if this happens the response will simply be empty, but the request will be allowed.

Additionally, the time can be omitted from the parameter, so you only specify the date:


Caution: Only specifying the Date is implicitly added 00:00:00 as the time format, so if you try to get a single day's deliveries, for example, February 22nd use the following format:

startTime: 2019-02-22
endTime: 2019-02-23

Request examples

Running a sample request in Postman

Postman can be a great tool for testing API requests. A simple GET request could be done as below:

Meeting+ API Postman request

Meeting+ API Postman request example

Response data format

Sample delivery in JSON format looks like this:

Delivery JSON


  "id": 1,

  "deliverAt": "1970-01-01T00:00:00+0000",

  "costCenter": "1234",

  "totalPrice": "EUR 100.00",

  "status": "completed",

  "externalId": null,

  "settledAt": null,

  "settledBy": null,

  "externalParticipants": "",

  "extensionAttributes": {

    "additionalCostCenter": "DK421337",

    "internalAttendees": "1",

    "externalAttendees": "0"


  "meeting": {


    "startTime": "2016-05-31T13:00:00+0000",

    "endTime": "2016-05-31T14:00:00+0000",

    "subject": "Test meeting for API",

    "organizerName": "Filip S. Adamsen",

    "organizerAddress": "",

    "location": "Development"


  "orderer": {

    "name": "Filip S. Adamsen",

    "email": "",

    "attributes": [

      "location": "Aalborg",

      "personalCostCenter": "DK133742"




Postman collection

Attached are examples available as a Postman collection.