Meeting Services API to automate tax and cost center management

Description of the AskCody API for integrating ERP systems with the Meeting Services module

This is part of the meeting management service in the AskCody Portal. The AskCody Meeting Services API is accessed using the base URL

All data is in JSON format using the application/json Media Type.

In order to access the API, you need to specify an API key and an API version using HTTP headers:

Header Example Value
X-AskCody-API-Key qRniOJFwlcWC-_16pdSFVtH-I5BgPTvhLBxkoREWNOHRaQbILNIrX_MyvquSZo5V
X-AskCody-API-Version 1

Available endpoints

The Meeting Services API currently has three endpoints:

Name Description Method Path Parameters
Unsettled Deliveries Returns a list of unsettled deliveries. GET /deliveries/unsettled

startTime: Only return deliveries delivered after this time. Optional.

endTime: Only return deliveries delivered before this time. Optional.

Delivery Returns the delivery with the given ID. GET /deliveries/<id> None
Settle Delivery Settles the delivery with the given ID. POST /deliveries/<id>/settle externalId: External ID to associate with the delivery. Optional.

Parameter formats

All "id" parameters are integers / whole numbers. 

The parameters "startTime" and "endTime" are DateTime formats and should follow the ISO8601 standard. The following formats are valid:


Caution: Sending a GET request requires the data to be URL encoded, because characters like "+" are not supported, and will be filtered away - if this happens the response will simply be empty, but the request will be allowed.

Additionally, the time can be omitted from the parameter, so you only specify the date:


Caution: Only specifying the Date is implicitly added 00:00:00 as the time format, so if you try to get a single day's deliveries, for example, February 22nd use the following format:

startTime: 2019-02-22
endTime: 2019-02-23

Request examples

Running a sample request in Postman

Postman can be a great tool for testing API requests. A simple GET request could be done as below:

Meeting+ API Postman request

Meeting+ API Postman request example

Response data format

Sample delivery in JSON format looks like this:

Delivery JSON


  "id": 1,

  "deliverAt": "1970-01-01T00:00:00+0000",

  "costCenter": "1234",

  "totalPrice": "EUR 100.00",

  "status": "completed",

  "externalId": null,

  "settledAt": null,

  "settledBy": null,

  "externalParticipants": "",

  "extensionAttributes": {

    "additionalCostCenter": "DK421337",

    "internalAttendees": "1",

    "externalAttendees": "0"


  "meeting": {


    "startTime": "2016-05-31T13:00:00+0000",

    "endTime": "2016-05-31T14:00:00+0000",

    "subject": "Test meeting for API",

    "organizerName": "Filip S. Adamsen",

    "organizerAddress": "",

    "location": "Development"


  "orderer": {

    "name": "Filip S. Adamsen",

    "email": "",

    "attributes": [

      "location": "Aalborg",

      "personalCostCenter": "DK133742"




Postman collection

Attached are examples available as a Postman collection.