Maps and Workspaces

Learn how AskCody Maps is leveraging Microsoft 365 providing an integrated and connected workplace experience


🌟 Exciting news! 🌟 Booking workspaces with AskCody Maps just got even better with some amazing updates. Let me walk you through them!

First off, with our seamless integration with Microsoft SSO, booking a workspace is as easy as a single click. You can easily reserve a desk or workstation, which we like to call workspaces, without any hassle.

With our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Teams, we are ensuring that all your meeting data is synchronized between AskCody Maps and Microsoft platforms. (Or, not synchronized as we leverage the data model in Exchange, so all meeting and workspace data is always there with no sync issues!)

This also means that all booking rules and scheduling permissions set up in Microsoft are automatically inherited and managed from here.

We've introduced a new Workspace resource type in Outlook and Exchange, opening up new possibilities for managing your hybrid workplace and booking desks or workspaces.

Booking a workspace is a breeze - simply locate your preferred spot, click on it, select your desired time, and you're good to go. Your booking will be saved in AskCody Maps and your Outlook calendar simultaneously.

When booking a workspace, you can also set a "minimum booking duration" to optimize utilization. This can be configured in Exchange, with recommendations to book a workspace for a half day or the entire workday, depending on your organization's needs.

One neat feature of booking workspaces with AskCody is that your calendar status is set to "Free" when using Workspaces, meaning your availability is not impacted in Outlook or Microsoft Teams. This ensures that your availability for other meetings and colleagues remains clear and unobstructed.

By setting your calendar status to "free" with workspace bookings, you avoid any confusion or conflicts with your schedule. Your coworkers can easily see your availability without any interference from desk or workspace reservations.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of booking workspaces with AskCody Maps and streamline your workspace management like never before! 💼✨