Integration with Microsoft Teams

AskCody works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. You can add a Teams link to your meetings created with Outlook Add-ins. Video conference meetings are visible on room displays and dashboards, and the data is gathered in AskCody Insights.


AskCody + Microsoft Teams

With AskCody being native to Microsoft and built on Exchange Web Serves and Microsoft Graph, you have seamless integration with the existing Teams application in Outlook. You can easily create a meeting using AskCody Outlook Add-ins, select a meeting room (or desk) with the right amenities, attach services like food and beverage, add visitors, and add a Teams link to your meeting ID. 

Once you book the meeting in Outlook all data (selected meeting room, teams link, meeting service, visitor data) is now tied to your unique meeting ID in Microsoft Exchange. This means that you can drag and drop the meeting in Outlook and make any changes to your meeting ID without affecting the attached meeting data. This creates a frictionless experience for users.

Meetings and desks booked in Outlook will be visible on AskCody Room Displays, Dashboards, and the Mobile App - this also applies for meetings with a Teams link. This provides organizations with a great overview of workplace activities. Afterward, the data is gathered in Microsoft Power-Bi and accessible for analysis in AskCody Insights. 


  • Integrated video conference - you can seamlessly attach Teams links to your rooms providing all levels of tech-savvy users with the option to have remote or hybrid meetings. Providing the necessary tools for employees to effectively do their job. 
  • Clean Integration - The way AskCody is built provides clean integration with the Microsoft Suite giving IT a reduced tech stack and limiting the risks of synchronization errors and breakdowns. AskCody is not another tool in the tech stack, but a native part of your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Easy adoption - You do not need to learn a new system or app - your users can still use the same Teams application. Thereby making it super easy for users to adopt the solution because it is so tightly connected to their usual way of booking meetings, desks, and other resources. 


  • Microsoft 365 environment with Outlook and Teams.
  • An AskCody account with Essential Plan or Advanced to get access to the benefits.

*Microsoft Teams Embedded is built directly into AskCody and does not require a specific subscription*