Integration with Microsoft Power BI

AskCody Insights delivers workplace analytics tools to ease facilities management’s work and optimize resources and utilization of meeting space using data

AskCody + Power BI

AskCody + Microsoft Power BI

With AskCody Insights you take control of your meeting rooms and experience how meeting rooms are being used across your entire workplace. You will see your office and meeting rooms in full context and easily learn about room utilization, thereby enabling you to make the most out of your workspace.

Insights gives you quantifiable data that shows how facilities, equipment and employees are engaging in a conference room. You will experience how your office space and meeting rooms are being used based on real booking and consumption data from Microsoft Exchange.

You get the insights, analytics and trends displayed in a beautiful dashboard build on Microsoft’s powerful Power BI Platform, where you can pull the metrics you need to make informed decisions about your meeting room space, conference rooms, workstations, or other resources.


  • AskCody Insights is built on Microsoft Power BI making it powerful, scalable, reliable and secure. The tight connection to Microsoft and leveraging the built-in reporting tools, AskCody can provide intelligent reports and the ability to export data, right from the familiar interface of Power BI giving you the data you need, in your hands, the way you want it.
  • Highlighting and Filtering Data allows you to select a subset of the data to view by a specific value. The visualizations on a single report page are all ‘connected” to each other, which means if you select one or more values in one visualization, other visualizations that use that same value will change based on that selection. Essentially, this will highlight a subset of the visual data; the un-highlighted data remains visible but dimmed.
  • Create customized reports and export your data. By leveraging the scalability of Microsoft Power BI, you can export all Data in a raw CSV or xlsx format. To export your data in AskCody Insights, select the ellipses (three dots) in the top-right side of any visualization and choose the Export data icon. Your data is exported as a .csv file. You can save and open the file in Excel and now create custom reports and visualizations, create Pivot Tables, and highlight the exact Data that is important to you. This way, you can also use AskCody Insights as a Data Source and mix the Insights Data set with other data sources.


  • AskCody account, Essentials Plan and above
*Microsoft Power BI Embedded is built in to AskCody and does not require a specific subscritpion