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Insights - Value from day 0, Compare data, create customized reports

This webinar dive into how AskCody Insights can help analyze meeting data to make good decisions for optimizing the use of office space.

Tuesday, January 19, 2020

32:13 min.

How Insights leverage Exchange data to give value from day 0

We will start out by giving an overview how AskCody Insights taps into the Exchange environment to harness meeting data up to 3 years back in time - even before starting with AskCody.

Introduction to the user interface

We will show how to take advantage of the options for filtering and visualizing to get interesting findings of meeting room and desk usage.

Learn how to compare data to optimize the use of space

The essence of AskCody Insights is to make data-based decisions for optimizing the use of office space. We will provide examples of how to compare data directly in Insights that can tell if you have unused office space or need extra video conference rooms and more.

Extracting data and creating customized reports

To build customized reports and / or combine meeting data with other kinds of data from your organization we will show how to export data and access data in the AskCody data factory.