How to set up AskCody Room Displays on Glory Star Jarvis 101

Learn how to configure and display an AskCody Room Display on a Glory Star Jarvis display

This article applies to both Jarvis 101 and the Jarvis 101#PartME.

AskCody Displays will run in the AskCody Android App for Glory Star which is attached to this article. The Android App is required for the Jarvis 101 with LED free/busy light. If using the non-LED version the Android App is not required for setup and the Staros app with URL launcher can be used for setup.

Set-up Jarvis 101 with AskCody Android App:

  • Transfer the Android App to the device using a USB stick
  • Install the app
  • Open the app and insert the Display License Key (Find your license key here)
  • The app is now installed on the device and uses Staros to launch the app full screen without navigation bar.

Please note that AskCody is only responsible for maintaining the AskCody software and is not liable for the actual hardware, setup of hardware, and the maintenance of hardware.

AskCody can only provide basic requirements of approved hardware, which has been tested with the AskCody products according to basic use, but the ultimate decision regarding hardware is completely up to you.