How to set up a Dashboard on a screen using ScreenCloud Signage App

Learn how to set up a Dashboard using ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is a signage software that allows you to show more than one screen view of information either at the same time, also called zoning, or by sliding between the different views.

Learn more about ScreenCloud here

It is important to mention that the AskCody Dashboard is not designed for screen zoning and we will always recommend a fullscreen view of a Dashboard.

Follow these steps to set up the Dashboard with the ScreenCloud software: 

     A screenshot of the ScreenCloud portal with the "New Link" button highlighted    ScreenCloud Signage Dashboard Add Link      

Go to Playlists and click on "New Playlist" and click on the link you just added to add it to the playlist. When done adjusting settings click on "Publish"    Add Link to ScreenCloud playlist