How to redirect emails from AskCody to another mailbox

This article shows you how you can redirect emails from AskCody Services and Visitor Management to another mailbox while moving the original email to your deleted folder to avoid disturbance.

This is especially useful for users in upper management that do not handle meeting services and visitor management and need to notify an assistant or secretary without ever having to handle any email notifications from AskCody. 

This video shows how to set up the mailbox rule in the Outlook 2016 client that will handle all emails sent from AskCody Services and Visitor Management. This process will also work for the Outlook 2013 and 2010 clients, but there might be slight changes to the appearance of the interface. 

The video contains the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Files tap in your Outlook client and click Manage Rules & Alerts
  2. Create a new rule and select Apply rule on messages I receive 
  3. Select from people or public group and click on the link at the bottom
  4. To redirect emails from AskCodys Services, please write in the From text field. To redirect emails from Visitor Management, please write in the From text field. (Note: if both email addresses are written they have to be separated by a semicolon)
  5. Select redirect it to people or public group and click the link at the bottom
  6. Add or write the email address of the people who should receive the redirected emails
  7. (Optional) Select delete it. This will move the email to your deleted folder, so it does not clutter your inbox

When you have finished the rule should be enabled by default and will be applied to all future emails.