How to preview a Today+/ActivityView in your internet browser

Learn how to display an AskCody Room Display (Today+) or Meeting Dashboards (ActivityView) on your computer

Sometimes it can come in handy to preview a Today+ on your computer instead of going to the room where the Today+ is placed, every time you make some changes to the Today+.


This example applies to ActivityView as well. Just replace Today+ with ActivityView in this article. 

Log in to the AskCody Manager and choose Today+ in the top left corner of the AskCody Manager and click on the menu tab named View Licenses at the top of the screen.

Here you can keep track of all your Today+'s and display one of them in your browser by simply clicking the Key link of the desired Today+.

*Today+ is designed to be displayed on a tablet, so it might look disproportionate when displayed in your browser window. The theme of the Today+ also will not show if the proportions of the browser are not correct. 

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