How to handle iOS updates for the AskCody Signage App

Learn how to prevent iOS update notifications from disrupting the normal operation of the AskCody Displays

From time to time, Apple will push new updates for iOS, these updates do not affect the AskCody App, but does show up as a pop-up on the screen. 

This pop-up will show even though the iPad is locked in Guided Acess and will show in the center of the screen.

You have three options: 

  • Block the Apple iOS updates:
    There is a way to block the automatic iOS updates permanently, so you don't have to deal with the pop-ups every time Apple sends out an update. Follow the instructions in this article.
  • Close:
    Press close to removing the pop-up, the iPad will not be updated, and the pop-up will not be shown until the next update.
  • Details:
    Press details and install to update the iOS version, this will result in a standard iOS update screen, and the iPad will reboot after a while. After the reboot, follow the instructions on the screen, do not log into any Apple Account. When the setup is done, start the AskCody App and select start.

It is important not to leave the iPad and assume it will automatically start up with the AskCody App. It will eventually reboot to lock screen that fades to black, and it would look like the iPad is powered off.

Official iOS update details can be seen here.