How to display a Check-in Kiosk on an iPad

This article provides you with guidance on how to show an AskCody Visitor Management Check-in Kiosk on an iPad.


The automatic printing of visitor labels feature is not supported by iPads. If you would like your visitor labels to be automatically printed, your Check-in Kiosk should be a Windows device. Please follow this link to learn more about how to set up this type of Check-in Kiosk: How to configure a Check-in Kiosk on a Windows-based device

Make sure to get your device ready. The first time you turn an iPad on, it will require that you sign in with an Apple ID, and perform an initial set up process. Here, you can find more information about the initial setup process for the iPad

1. Download the AskCody Signage App

In order to display the Check-in Kiosk on the iPads, an app is required. 

  • Go to the App Store on the iPad that you want to display your Check-in Kiosk on, and download the "AskCody Signage" App.

2. Sign out of App Store

In order to prevent system messages from popping up while the device is being used to display the Check-in Kiosk, it is important that you sign out of the App Store.
  • Open Settings
  • Choose "iTunes & App Store"
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • Choose “Sign Out”
  • The Apple ID should now be empty

3. Disable Auto-Lock

In order to prevent the iPads from locking down, or going into standby mode while the device is being used to display the Check-in Kiosk, it is important that you disable auto-lock on the device. This will guarantee that the Check-in Kiosk experience is uninterrupted.
  • Open Settings
  • Choose General
  • Choose Auto-lock
  • Click “never”

4. Set Brightness (Optional)

  • Open Settings
  • Choose Wallpapers & Brightness
  • Set brightness to maximum. Turn off “Auto-Brightness”

5. Setup Guided Access (optional)

By using Guided Access you limit the iPad to only view a single app (AskCody Signage). This will create a lockdown of the iPad while only displaying the Check-in Kiosk, so nobody can access the functions of the iPad unless they have a password. We recommend that you enable Guided Access on the device. In order to use guided access, it needs to be enabled on the settings first:
  • Open Settings
  • Choose General
  • Choose Accessibility
  • Click Guided Access
  • Click Guided Access on
  • Create Password
  • *Do not activate Guided Access yet 


Since the release of iOS 12.1, the iPad screen with guided access enabled will go black after approx. 20 minutes even though the sleep setting is set to never. To fix this, please go to the following route on the iPad's settings:

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guided Access and enable "Mirror Display Auto-Lock"

6. Type in the Check-in Kiosk License Key

You can find the Check-in Kiosk license key in the AskCody Management Portal. The following video shows the steps to find it:

When you have found the license key, please perform the following steps on the iPad:

  • Open the AskCody Signage App.
  • Type in the License Key.
  • Press start.

7. Activate Guided Access (optional)

  • When the AskCody Signage App is running displaying the Check-in Kiosk, activate Guided Access by clicking 3 times on the iPad home button.
  • To deactivate Guided Access, click three times on the iPad home button.

For activating Guided Access in iOS devices that do not have a home button, please refer to the following article: How to enable guided access on iOS devices with no home button


Please note that AskCody is only responsible for maintaining the AskCody software and has nothing to do with the actual hardware, setup of hardware, and the maintenance of hardware.

AskCody can only provide basic requirements of approved hardware, which has been tested with the AskCody products according to basic use, but the ultimate decision regarding hardware is completely up to you.