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How to customize CSV settlements? (Download (custom))

Learn the export possibilities for CSV settlements in the AskCody Meeting Services Management portal

When creating a settlement in the Meeting+ Manager it is possible to download a CSV file to import in e.g. an Economy system, Inventory system or just as an Excel file. 

Whether to choose the "standard" CSV file (Download) or to choose the Custom CSV file (Download (custom)) depends on how much information you need in your CSV file. 

Path: AskCody Management Portal -> Meeting+ -> Economy -> Manage Settlements -> Choose existing settlement or create new settlement

Settlement download options in the Meeting Services Portal 

The Download button

The "Standard" CSV file named Download in the Manager under Settlements consists of: 

  • ID - Delivery ID
  • Date - The delivery date
  • Time - The time of the meeting the delivery is ordered for.
  • Cost Center - The Cost Center the delivery is attached to.
  • Kind - The Kind also goes under Meeting Type, and is either Internal or External.
  • Price - The total price of the delivery.
  • Organizer - The organizer/host of the meeting.
  • Subject - The subject of the meeting the delivery is ordered for.
  • "Custom TAX fields" - It is possible to create custom TAX fields, and the content of the custom TAX field will show here. 

The Download (custom) button

The "Custom" CSV file named Download (custom) in the Manager under Settlements is an extended version of the "Standard" CSV file, which means that you have a lot more information you can choose to show in the CSV file. See the picture below.

Customization options for the CSV settlement download in the Meeting Services Portal


Additional fields added:

Additional fields in the CSV file for settlement exports in the Meeting Services management portal