How to create an ActivityView

Learn how to create an AskCody Meeting Dashboard

The AskCody ActivityView displays which meetings or activities are taking place right now, later and where it happens. It is connected directly to your calendars through the connected service account and is continuously updated with the newest calendar events and information. 

This article covers: 

An ActivityView is made up of two parts: 

  • The ActivityView configuration allows you to control what information should be displayed. This is also where you need to specify which of your connected calendars should be displayed and what time zone should be used. 
  • The ActivityView is the actual unique URL that will display the event information overview. When setting up the ActivityView you decide the title screen header that is displayed and what configuration the specific ActivityView should be using. 

An ActivityView can only have one configuration at the time, but an ActivityView configuration can be used on multiple ActivityViews at once. This enables you to change the displayed content on multiple ActivityViews without having to edit each individual ActivityView. This also means that if no theme is selected on the ActivityView it will use the theme set on the ActivityView configuration instead. However, if a theme is selected on the ActivityView it will use that theme instead of the theme set on the ActivityView configuration. 


How to create an ActivityView configuration  

Go to Admin Center  Click on ActivityView at the top of the page and click ActivityView Configurations  click Add Fill in the information and click Add

Meeting Dashboards configuration


How to create an ActivityView  

Go to ActivityView in the top left corner  Click Add → Fill in the information and click Add

Create a Meeting Dashboard in AskCody



How to display an ActivityView on a screen

Follow this article on how to display an ActivityView on a screen.