How to create a Visitor Check-in Kiosk

Learn how to set up an AskCody Visitor Check-in Kiosk

Step 1: Create a check-in screen configuration

From the left pane in the Management Portal, go to Admin Center  Click on Visitors and choose Check-in Kiosk Templates from the dropdown menu→ Click Add  Fill out the information and click Add.

Create new Check-in Kiosk Template in the AskCody Admin Center-1

Step 2: Create a Check-in Kiosk

From the left panel, go to Admin Center  Click on Visitors and choose Check-in Kiosks from the dropdown  Click Add → Fill out the information and click Add.

Create new Check-in Kiosk in the AskCody Admin Center A license key and a URL are now created and are ready to be set up on the physical screen.

To learn how to use your new Visitors check-in kiosk URL on a Windows PC using Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, click here!