How to create a Meeting Room Display (Today+)

A guide to the configuration and setup of an AskCody Meeting Room Display

AskCody Meeting Room Displays (Today+) display daily activities and enable employees to schedule events directly on the digital door sign.

This makes it easier than ever to optimize your meeting room utilization. Today+ is connected directly to the room calendar through the connected service account and prevents meeting interruptions and booking misunderstandings.

A Today+ is made up of two parts: 

  • The Today+ configuration allows you to control what information should be displayed and what interactive functions should be enabled. 
  • The Today+ is the actual unique URL that will display the room schedule information and interactive functions. When setting up the Today+ you select which calendar should be displayed and what configuration the specific Today+ should be using. 

A Today+ can only have one configuration at the time, but a Today+ configuration can be used on multiple Today+ at once. This enables you to change the displayed content on multiple Today+ without having to edit each individual Today+. This also means that if no theme is selected on the Today+ it will use the theme set on the Today+ configuration instead. However, if a theme is selected on the Today+ it will use that theme instead of the theme set in the Today+ configuration. 

How to create a Today+ configuration

Go to Admin Center  Click on Today+ at the top of the page and click Today+ Configurations Click Add Fill in the information and click Add

Meeting Room displays configuration in AskCody

How to create a Today+

Go to Today+ in the top left corner  Click on Add → Fill in the information and click Add

Creation page for a meeting room display in AskCody