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How to change the provider email sender name

Learn how to change the e-mail sender name in AskCody service notification e-mails

When a user order catering or additional services from a provider in the Meeting+ Add-in, the user will receive a confirmation email for the delivery.

This email and any other emails sent in relation to that delivery will have the email sender name AskCody Meeting+, because this is set by default. 

Default delivery provider e-mail sending name

If you would like to change the Email Sender Name this is how you do it: 

  1. Go to the Admin Center
  2. Click on Meeting+
  3. Click on Delivery Providers
  4. Choose the provider you wish to change the email sender name for
  5. Open Advanced settings
  6. Find Email Sender Name, and change the name
  7. Click Update

See an example of how it could look, below. 

Custom delivery provider e-mail sending name