How to book and manage desks with the AskCody Platform (Video)

This article explains how you can use the AskCody Platform to book and manage desks, and what is important when choosing the right desk booking solution for your organization.

The AskCody Platform offers a variety of different features that can be combined and used together so it fits your organization's work processes.  When choosing a desk booking solution it is important to have your employees in mind. Your employees are the ones to book the desks, so designing a process that fits their natural booking behavior, the way they work together with their colleagues, and their needs, is key!

The video takes you through how to use the AskCody Platform to book and manage desks based on the following booking scenarios: 

  • Plan ahead and book a desk in the area of your colleagues.
  • Book a desk on the spot.
  • Visual overview of free or occupied desks in a specific area.
  • Plan a full-service booking or desk hoteling of private offices and catering.