How to assign Application Impersonation using Exchange Admin Console

If you are using Basic authentication to integrate your Microsoft Exchange with the AskCody Platform it requires Application Impersonation assigned. This article explains how to set it up using the Exchange Admin Console.

Why is Application Impersonation needed?

Application Impersonation is used to access appointments and monitor room calendars for changes; delegated access is not sufficient.

This article will guide you through the process of assigning application impersonation to the service account using the Office 365 Admin Management Console.

Assigning the application impersonation role from the Office 365 Admin Management Console.

Follow these steps to assign the application impersonation role from the Office 365 Admin Management Console.

Before you begin, you must have created an AskCody account in Exchange 2013 or Exchange Online, e.g., and changed the account’s temporary password to a permanent one.

From the left panel in the Microsoft Admin Center, select Exchange in the list of items under "Admin Centers". 

Microsoft Exchange Admin Center highlighted within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center


This will take you to the Exchange Admin Center. In here, select Permissions and under the Admins Roles, click the plus “+” sign and enter the Name and Description, e.g. ApplicationImpersonation.

Leave Default as the scope to apply the new role for the whole organization. 

A screenshot of the Application Impersonation Role selected under the Roles within Microsoft Exchange


Then choose 'ApplicationImpersonation' from the list of roles.
The next step is to select the users to whom this role will be assigned. In the example below, the user with the name AskCody Service Accounts is selected.

Confirm this selection by clicking Save and then allow some time for the system to implement this role. 


ApplicationImpersonation role being assigned to a Service Account within Microsoft Exchange


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